God City Da Movie
In the cold streets of Charlotte, where murder is on the rise, a drug deal gone wrong has now created a who done it in the city with the cops chasing the city’s notorious Thugs Starring Charlotte based rappers; Chezzy Boy, Ralofamgoon, Bankroll Ziggy, and Mizz Beattisford.

Directed by: Chezzy Boy & Muscle. Amplified Distribution.
NightClub Star

Nightclub Star will discuss social topics surrounding DJ’s, the nightclub business and how he/she is a trend setter in fashion, hip hop culture, liquor branding, record sales and how important they are to artists trying to push new songs to the public, brands trying to sell their liquor and how through them a lot of trends are set in todays youth through social media while also exploring the violent side of what happens with gangsta rappers lyrical content tied into the nightclub game between both the latino culture and urban culture and how music plays a big role in the cultures with fashion, cars and attitude of the youth.

Directed by: Jesse Felsot. Factory Film Studio.
Where's The Soul

Explores today’s music business and tries to figure out what happened to the great soul music of yesteryears; focusing on the changes within the label system with the advent of technology, social media, and sampling. The emerging indie movement has resulted in an onslaught of quickly produced rap and hip hop songs that are taking over the industry and society as a whole, making it very difficult to be an indie R&B or soul artist in today’s marketplace.

Directed by: Jesse Felsot & Sahir Champion. Factory Film Studio.
Bigger Trouble In Lil' Oakland
An urban music driven crime thriller where gangstas on the run push drugs and guns to survive the threat of the cops on the gritty streets of Oakland, CA that features Bay Area rap artists Bavgate, Keak da Sneak, Ricky Styles, Rankin Scroo, Poohman, D.J. Upgrade and Tony Tag.

Directed by: Bavgate & Hooker Boy Filmz. Amplified Distribution.
Harsh Times
A tough-minded drama about two friends in South Central Los Angeles and the violence that comes between them. Stars Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez, Eva Longoria, J.K. Simmons and Terry Crews.

Directed by David Ayer. MGM.
Narco Valley

An ex-gangster who after being released from prison attempts to get on the straight and narrow. When that doesn’t work out, he is pulled back into crime, building his empire as a kingpin, only to have it taken away as fast as he gained it. Stars Mr. Capone-e and Mr. Criminal.

Directed by Alex Magana. Green Apple Entertainment.
Flintown Kids

An award winning urban basketball docu-drama showcasing the city of Flint, MI as the most violent city in America but out of this was hope for young basketball players that found glory by making it to the NBA. Stars Jason Richardson (former NBA dunk contest winner), Morris Peterson (formerly of Toronto Raptors), and Flint legends, Mateen Cleaves and Kevin Tolbert.

Directed by Omar McGee. Amplified Distribution.